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Presentation of the final document of Analysis Implementation of Disability Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina - analysis and recommendations  2008-2013, was organized for April 2, 2014 at the Social educational centre. There were representatives of several Ministries in the Government of Republic of Srpska  present (health and social protection, education, family, youth and sports) as well as representatives of organizations of persons with disabilities and media. After the presentation of the findings and the document, there was discussion where the Assistant Minister of health and social protection in the Government of Republic of Srpska stating that in the following period they plan to perform the review of the Strategy for improvement of social position of persons with disabilities in RS and that these findings and research results will be included as one of the starting documents proving information on achieved improvement. Information about implemented analysis and achieved results was aired on the entity television in the afternoon program, several newspapers and radio stations.
We also organized direct hosting in the public entity television program on April 16, 2014 in one hour show 15:10 to 15:45 with all researchers.

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Humanitarian organization "Partner" is established as non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization with a goal to offer humanitarian, health, psychological, social, and educational assistance and support to people in need and their families, as well as to work on raising awareness and sensitivity of the broader social community, introduction and application of new working techniques, advocacy aimed at improvement of the quality of life of these people.



Enable equal possibilities for all citizens.


  1. Strengthening capacities of organization
  2. Cooperation with governmental and non-governmental sector with a goal to implement the UN convention on rights of persons with disabilities and the Strategy for improvement of social status of persons with disabilities in Republic of Srpska 2010-2015,  
  3. Self-financing – sustainable projects :
    • Development of publishing ( Infocentar );
    • Development of new services ;
    • Projects in the field of agriculture and tourism,
    • Research .
  1. Development of the Centre for independent living :

-Personal assistance,

-Accessible transportation,

-Peer support,

-Accessible housing,


-Orthopedic aids,

-Accessibility of the environment,

-Technical aids.


  1. Creating equal possibilities in health sector through the following activities:  
  • Educative trainings for health professionals in institutions;
  • Changes in programs of medical schools for help and care for persons with disabilities;
  • Profiling of professionals in advocating for needs in health protection (orthopedic aids);
  • Research.
  1. Creating equal possibilities in education through the following activities:
    • Changing legislation;
    • Educative trainings for teachers;
    • Promotion of actual needs of pupils and students with disability and raising awareness about them;
    • Research.


Goals and activities are defined in the Strategic plan of the Humanitarian organization „Partner” for the period 2011 – 2016.







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